Workers set to be even more screwed in 2013

By Leon J Williams

John Philpott an economist over at The Jobs Economist is predicting a torrid time for UK workers in 2013.
As we all know economists are always right and have prevented workers from homelessness, unemployment and general poverty all over the world…
Anyway back to the article, workers are expected to work longer hours with pay seeing no increase. On top of this unemployment is set to rise by 120,000.

Of course this is not just a sign of things to come in 2013 for UK workers, the same could be said for workers in most parts of the world.

When is it enough?

It seems that workers around the world are still willing to take a fiscal beating before they stand up and demand a new way of living, a fairer way.

Is the tolerance level of British workers higher than the average? Again it seems as though you could do anything to the British workforce and still they would roll over and keep on accepting it.

Wake up Britain, you’re being screwed!

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