US Gun murder madness continues

By Leon J Williams

Two US fireman have been shot and killed and two injured after responding to a fire in New York State.

This follows the school shooting tragedy in Connecticut which left 27 dead.

The madness in the US over firearms and in particular assault rifles has been epitomised by US citizens petitioning the White House to deport British TV host Piers Morgan after he called for gun control.
To get a response from the government in the US a petition needs at least 25,000 signatures, so far 31,000 US citizens have signed for his deportation, we await a response.

For more of the Piers Morgan nonsense click here.

For more on the fireman shootings click here.

For more on the Connecticut school shootings click here.

2 thoughts on “US Gun murder madness continues

  1. MaxPower

    It’s as bad as shooting children. I think the world is going crazy. Maybe that’s what the Mayans meant. I don’t think gun control is actually possible though. No matter what you make illegal, people who want it will still get it. Consider prohibition, the war on drugs. It just doesn’t work.

    1. ACA The Underground

      No doubt it’s a difficult task and the circumstances in the US do pose extra dimensions but you have to admit in countries where guns are illegal the gun murder rate is (in comparison) extremely low (such as the UK, Denmark etc)


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